Leadership in Higher Education Journal Entry #4

Reading Assignment: Leadership Theory and the Community College, pages 13-35.

Bureaucratic Leadership vs. Democratic Leadership

I scored pretty Low on Bureaucratic Leadership and Very High on Democratic Leadership. I think that these two leadership types are the antithesis of one another. While I was reading about Bureaucratic Leadership and while I was taking the assessment on it, I remember thinking that it felt like the complete antithesis of myself.

Sure, rules are important and I think that we have them in place for a reason. But I also think that there is always going to be a reason or situation when breaking the rules can and sometimes should be considered the morally correct way to do things. And I can’t, even as a leader, make the decision that is best for everyone on my own. It doesn’t make sense to me. At any given time, I could be leading a team of students, employees, or colleagues that have a very diverse set of voices that need to be heard.

When it comes to Democratic Leadership, I kept thinking about my students and how I don’t typically make decisions that involve them without talking to them about it first. I can’t imagine having or wanting to have that kind of power over someone. And I have only my own voice–meaning that I need to listen to the voices of others in order to make the right decision. I know that whenever I’m not the leader, I like for my opinion and the opinions of my colleagues to be taken into consideration when implementing change. That’s the kind of leadership that I want to provide for others.


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