Leadership in Higher Education Journal Entry #5

Reflective Practice: Yama #1: Ahimsa (non-harming).

I have been thinking a lot about this reflective practice (along with the others assigned to us in class), and this one has stuck out for me a lot.

With graduate school and work, it has been hard for me to engage in this. I don’t eat very well (most days), I don’t sleep enough (or I sleep too much), I don’t exercise enough, and I definitely don’t take enough time for myself. These things added to my mental health issues can cause a lot of problems.

This affects my leadership style a lot because the truth is, sometimes, I’m just not present in a situation. My supervisees, my advisees, and my classmates (some of them) notice it and it affects how I do my job and how I engage with course material in class. It affects my mood and how I communicate and it tests my interpersonal relationships.

It’s definitely something that I need to work on because, while I’m not actively harming myself, I’m not actively not harming myself. And that’s causing me to harm others. I should eat better foods, get more regular sleep, exercise (maybe, we’ll see), and take time for myself every week (maybe every day) because sometimes it feels like I won’t finish graduate school.

This has been a short journal entry, I know. Sorry!


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